Terms and Conditions of Publication

1. Requirements to content

- The article should have a high scientific level
- The article should respond for the content requirements that are set out in Resolution of the Presidium of HAC Ukraine "About increasing of the requirements for the specialized issues, listed by HAC Ukraine" dated on 15.01.2003, №7-05/1. In particular, it must contain the following:
a) problem definition and its connection to important scientific and practical tasks;
b) the analysis of the used by author recent researches and publications in which a solution of the problem has began;
c) underlining of the unresolved part of the problem to which the article is devoted;
d) formulation of the objectives of article (main problem);
e) a statement of the main research and explanation of scientific results;
d) the findings of the research and prospects for further research in this area
- The main article content must meet one or more branches of science "12.00.00 - Jurisprudence"

2. Requirements to figuration

- The paper should be done in a text editor, f.e., Microsoft Word, the file extension - .doc or .rtf
- Font Times New Roman, size - 14, spacing - 1,5, fields: top, bottom, right - 2 sm, left - 3 sm
- In the upper right corner – UDC of the article
- The next line - in 1 paragraph - the initials and surname of the author (equation to the right side, font bold, italic)
- The next line - a degree, academic rank, position of the author (equation to the right side, font italics)
- The next line in brackets – job position (on the right side of the equation, font italics)
- Then, if necessary, skipping 1 paragraph, provide information on co-authors according to the above-mentioned scheme
- The next line - skipping 1 paragraph - title (all capital letters, center, font bold)
- The next line - skipping 1 paragraph - the body of the article
- Links to sources, that are used in the text, should be displayed with figures in brackets indicating the number of source from the list of the used sources and page number
- After the text of the article – skipping 1 paragraph - a list of the used sources (bibliography). Requirements for the bibliography are issued by HAC (Form 23 in the Bulletin of HAC Ukraine, N3, 2008) and the relevant national standards, in order of appearance in the text, without iterations
- The next line after the list of sources - skipping 1 paragraph - abstract (specifying author’s name and initials, title of the article) and key words (from 3 to 10 terms) in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Abstract in English should be approximately from 1,000 to 2,000 characters (including spaces) and display the main findings.
- Footers, hyphenation, and hyperlinks should not be used in the text. Indent of the first line of a paragraph must not be set by spaces or tabs.

3. The procedure of submitting materials to the editorial board

- Deadlines for submission of materials to the editorial board - 30 April (will be published in the June issue) and 31 October (will be published in the December issue)
- The paper’s size should be about 12 000-20 000 characters, including spaces, approximately 7-12 pages, formalized according with the requirements
- Article, that is submitted in electronic form, must be sent to e-mail: lawjournal@oa.edu.ua (along with the scanned check, but not for doctors).
- File name – author’s last name, file extension - .doc or .rtf
- It is necessary for graduate students, adjuncts, researchers outside of aspirantura to have a review of the supervisor indicating his academic degree, academic rank, name, middle and last names (the review must be sent electronically in a separate file with extension .tif, .jpg or .ppt)
- Author may add contact details (including name, middle and last names, phone numbers, mail address, email, website) in a separate file that is sent along with the article, or may note on the last page of the article. Contact information will not be published

4. Other provisions

- Fees for publishing articles are not paid
- Author is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the article
- Text of the article can be in Ukrainian, Russian, English or another language - upon agreement with the editorial board
- The text of the article may be corrected upon agreement with the author, in the way that do not alter the content of the article
- After the publication of the article author receives confirmation by email, including full bibliographic description of the published article. If necessary, author can get a confirmation by regular mail. Author should ask about this in advance
- Author (except doctors) for the preparation and publication of the article makes a clearance fee in the amount of 300 UAH. A copy of the check must be sent along with all materials

Receiver National University of «Ostroh Academy»
MFO 833017 Code 22554101, acc. UA568201720313201001301005402
State Treasury in Rivne Region
Purpose of payment (be sure to mention exactly):
Irrevocable financial aid for scientific activities of the Institute of Law

(e-mail for more information  — lawjournal@oa.edu.ua

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